Playground Equipment

All Things Recreation offers a wide range of custom playground equipment for children ages 6 months – 12 years. We offer playground structures, commercial swings and independent play equipment which includes climbers, musical instruments, etc. With over 20 years of industry experience, All Things Recreation has the expertise and experience to create a playground design that will work for your space. We offer steel, recycled plastic and themed playground structures. Our Playground Specialists will guide you through the process from concept through completion.  We work with our designers to create a safe fun and challenging play space that will create years of fun. All of our Play Structures are ADA, CPSC and ASTM Compliant, and Include Free Site Plans & 3-D Renderings and are most are Fully Customizable. 

Ages 6-23 Months

Designed for the little ones. in mind. Toddler playground equipment is designed help provide the opportunity for toddlers to develop fine motor skills. These structures are easily accessible yet challenging enough for the crawling or walking toddler. The activities are mostly at ground level or very clode to it. They also provide high visibility to supervisors.

Ages 2-5 Years

Designed to help build self esteem by featuring physically challenging play components, such as play panels, and climbers. These structures also feature lower deck heights. Preschool Play Equipment will help refine motor skills and allow for more imagination, socialization and independence. We offer many standard 2-5 play structures or we can custom design something for you.

Ages 5-12 Years

These school-aged structures encourage physical activity and help with growth and muscle development. Introducing more challenging components to help build upper body strength. These structures usually have higher deck heights as well as higher, faster slides and overhead ladders. Fitness courses are also popular for this age group.

Ages 2-12 Years

Designed for both younger and older children. It can help save on playground budgets and space by using just a single play structure.  The younger children will enjoy the lower based equipment while older children will test their limits with the  physical aspect of it. They are designed to be safe for all ages from 2-12.

Themed Play

Unleash your imagination!

The only limit to our customized playgrounds? Your own mind. At All Things Recreation, no dream is too big or space too small for our one-of-a -kind custom play spaces. Just hare your vision with one of our experienced designers, then sit backand relax while we bring it to life.

Music Parks

There is a Global Musical Park Movement happening in communities everywhere. Designed with acoustic precision and perfect tone. Enhances any outdoor space. Built to maintain pure and soothing tones through years of rigorous play and exposure to the elements. These true percussion instruments are perfect for musical beginners and experts alike

Independent Play

Freestanding and independent playground components can help add play value to an existing playground or can help balance out a new playground design. We offer many different independent components such as: climbers, overhead ladders, track rides, slides, motion play, dramatic play, creative play, sand & water play, fitness equipment, balance beams, sports equipment, infant & toddler components, musical play, swings and more.

Swings & Accessories

We offer a large selection of commercial swings and accessories. There are many factors to consider before choosing a swing for your site. The amount of bays and swings needed, the height of the swing frame, the types of swings needed as well as the amount of space needed. Choose from arched, bipod, tripod , T-swings , swings with shade, belt seats, baby seats, ADA adaptive seats. We also offer swing mats, slide mats, playground borders, ADA ramps and more. Our playground specialists can help you choose which options are best for your site and budget needs.